You don’t even know about the enormous benefits of berries.

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You don’t even know about the enormous benefits of berries.

Growing in your area.

Eat them separately from other foods.

Sweet and sour berries are consumed separately..

The benefits of strawberries

Strawberry treatment.

To get rid of parasites (tapeworm, whipworm, pinworms) you have to eat a herring with onions and three kilograms of strawberries all day long.

Folk doctors suggest dressing with crushed berries on the area of ​​neglected eczema. After a few days, wet areas begin to dry out..

A decoction of leaves and berries reduces pressure. Since strawberries contain a lot of potassium.

Drink juice from one tablespoon to ½-1 cup per day half an hour before meals for the following diseases:


stomach ulcer;

intestinal problems;





gingivitis with ulcers, stomatitis;

gastritis with low acidity;

eczema, various skin diseases.

Useful berry should be used with caution in the following diseases:

gastritis with high acidity;

chronic appendicitis;

gallstone and urolithiasis;



pregnancy and lactation.

Juice from leaves and fruits (5 tablespoons per day) has the following action:





benefits berries


wound healing.

What is the use of strawberries? Why is it necessary to eat strawberries?

It has many antioxidants that prevent aging and the appearance of tumors..

She saves us from insomnia.

Improves memory.

Low in calories, but high in fiber. Relieves Constipation.

Contains Vitamin B 7 to strengthen nails and hair..

Ellagic acid prevents wrinkles and increases skin elasticity.

It contains a lot of vitamin C, which is important for the work of the adrenal glands, which work intensively under stress and strengthen blood vessels..

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Keeps control of blood sugar. Just a cup of healthy berries and sugar spikes during the day will not be.

Reduces reactive protein that grows with infections and inflammation.

Useful for heart disease, arthritis.

Pigments. responsible for the color of the berries, stimulate the burning of fat, weight loss, improve memory.

Anthocyanin in the composition does not allow tumors to appear.

Strawberry properties

Make a delicious and healthy dessert with this wonderful berry..

Mash cottage cheese with strawberries.

Add honey and stir with a blender..

Arrange in cups and garnish with mint leaves and whole berries.

As you can see, the benefits of strawberries are huge..

The benefits of raspberries for the body Raspberries since ancient times was considered the main tool for colds. This is due to salicylic acid..

Valuable berry contains:

ascorbic acid;

salicylic acid, which reduces the temperature;


magnesium, important for the heart muscle;

ketones that stimulate the breakdown of fat cells;

bactericidal anthocyanin properties;

B vitamins;

dietary fiber that cleanses our intestines;


benefits berries

polyphenols that lower the temperature;

vitamin P;

folic acid;


Juice with honey (2-3 tablespoons plus a tablespoon of honey) after a meal with tea is recommended:

debilitated patients;

with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

with heart failure;

to stimulate blood formation;

to improve heart function.

The benefits of raspberries

Despite the great benefits of berries, raspberries should be used with caution in the following diseases:




What are the benefits of raspberries? The benefits of raspberries.

Excellent remedy for colds, SARS, flu.

It has a diaphoretic, antipyretic, expectorant effect (with honey and tea).

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Contains Vitamin K involved in blood coagulation processes..

Raspberry improves liver and kidney function.

Protects against tobacco exposure.

Useful for anemia.

Contains volatile bacteria that kill bacteria and fungi.

Broth drink from intoxication.

Delicious raspberry jam:

raspberries — 1 kg;

sugar — 800 gr.

Leave raspberries and sugar for an hour..

Then we put the berries on the fire, bring to a boil. Let it cool. Then bring to a boil again. Let it cool. Then for the third time we bring to a boil and cook for 5 minutes. Roll up in cans. Better, of course, to be stored in the refrigerator..

Try, the jam turns out delicious aromatic with soft berries..

Conclusion: the benefits of berries are huge, do not miss the time, enrich your body with all the necessary vitamins.