Wart treatment – what are the ways to treat warts

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Wart treatment – what are the ways to treat warts

100 g garlic gruel;

100 g butter, you can take interior lard;

3 cloves of garlic;

3-4 tbsp. cider vinegar.

Insist two weeks. Make a compress at night. Repeat in the morning.

5) Steaming a glass of boiling water a few cloves of garlic, insist an hour and grease with this infusion until cured.

Treatment of warts with folk remedies To remove warts from the soles, the leg is steamed in a soda-soap solution, then the upper layer of skin is scraped off.

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Raw meat is glued with a band-aid and bandaged. Do not clean for three days. Care must be taken not to get moisture. Then the leg is steamed with soda and soap. The procedure is repeated as necessary..

Grate raw potatoes with peel. Put the pulp on the compressor paper and attach it to the places with warts. It is better to do the procedure at night. After 3-4 weeks, education should pass. You can wet potato juice.

An excellent plant Kalanchoe, from the pulp of which you can make dressings. Four treatments are enough.

Wet and rubbed with ammonia layers every day until they pass.

Treat every other day with fresh juice of celandine grass. Pre-crush the grass and add petroleum jelly. Smear education every day.

Small warts should be treated well several times a day with healthy dandelion juice.

3 table. l wormwood herbs pour a glass of boiling water, leave for two hours. Make dressings with wormwood broth. This recipe is especially good for treating flat warts..

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Alternative treatment of warts with onions and onion gruel 1) Rub with a half cut onion. You can apply gruel from onions. Or cut the onion into slices, add a third of a glass of table vinegar. Leave for two hours. Put onion plates on the formation, it is better at night.

boiling water

2) Cut the core from the onion, pour salt into it and leave until juice is formed. Rub neoplasms with juice several times a day.

3) Mix equally:

sea ​​salt;


onion gruel.

Make plates and apply to sore spots, changing several times a day.

4) Cook the onion together with the husk in vinegar, let it stand and wipe the plaques.

Conclusion: there are many alternative ways to treat warts, choose and find an effective method for yourself. Let your skin be beautiful, clean, healthy.