Treatment of diseases of the thyroid gland using the method of Slavic herbalism

thyroid disease

Treatment of diseases of the thyroid gland using the method of Slavic herbalism

6.30-7.00. Suck 1 tsp. sunflower oil: chase it in your mouth for 10 minutes, but do not swallow. Spit it out. If the liquid is white foamy, then everything is done correctly. Brush your teeth, drink a glass of purified warm water (in the first week). Starting from the second week, add crushed cranberries to the water — 1 tsp gruel in a glass of water.

7-7.30 — cleanse the intestines (read below). In the first week, clean every day, the second — in one day. On free days, replace the procedure with therapeutic walking, physical, breathing exercises.

8-8.30 — take a shower

8.30 — drink a choleretic infusion (the recipe will be lower)

9.00 — breakfast


17.00-walking for 40-60 minutes. Half an hour before bedtime, take a decoction of hawthorn (recipe below).

These procedures will help cleanse the intestines, open the bile ducts, improve the digestive tract, liver, strengthen the heart muscle, nourish the body with oxygen.

2) Cholagogue in the treatment of thyroid disease.

2 recipes are offered depending on blood pressure.

1 tbsp. l dry crushed marigold flowers, pour a glass of boiling water, leave for an hour, strain. Drink half a glass 15-20 minutes before meals once a day. Course — two weeks. Calendula reduces pressure, so collection is not suitable for hypotension.

2 tbsp. l crushed dry immortelle herbs, pour 2 cups of boiling water, wrap for an hour. Strain and drink warm in half a glass three times a day 20 minutes before meals. This infusion increases pressure, so it is not recommended for hypertension.

If there are stones in the gallbladder, the choleretic agent must be excluded by replacing it with natural juices.

To do this, squeeze the juice from:

2 carrots;

half a large beet;

about the same size of root celery;

parsley root 2 cm long;

half apple.

You should get a glass of juice. This is a one-time serving. Drink twice daily in the morning and evening half an hour before meals.

Natural thyroid juices

If the juice cannot be medically indicated (you need to consult a doctor), replace it with purified water without additives and gas. Drink at least 2 liters of warm water per day.

3) Strengthening the heart muscle. 1 tbsp chopped dry fruits of hawthorn pour a glass of water, simmer over low heat under a lid for 50 minutes. Strain and drink warm half a cup half an hour before bedtime (after this, do not eat or drink). Course — 14 days.

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4) colon cleansing. A very popular Walker technique. In 2 l of warm water, add 1-2 tbsp. l lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and use Esmarch’s mug to inject fluid into the rectum (preferably in the evening). First week — daily second — every other day — two days later, the fourth — in three. After a week, lightness appears in the body.

The first time (if the intestines are full), you can make microclyster a pear, and then a full enema with Esmarch’s mug. First influence — 1 l, in the following days, gradually increase the fluid volume and bring to 2 l.

5) Additional recommendations for the treatment of thyroid diseases.

Start the day with a smile to yourself, she will set an optimistic mood for the whole day..

Take walks with exercises and deep breathing in the park or in quiet places, away from busy tracks.

Take a shower daily. But use soap or gel once or twice a month — not more.

More soul body wipe out — just get wet.

Drink juices only warm, through a tube, without rushing.

After taking juices, cranberry infusion, be sure to rinse your mouth (acid corrodes tooth enamel).

Chew food thoroughly, swallow it completely, and only then take the next portion.

During treatment, try to avoid stress, unrest, bursts of emotions, even positive ones. The thyroid gland does not tolerate smoke and gas, so do not smoke. Try not to be in places of heavy traffic.

What is the regimen of the day for thyroid disease? It’s not only in time to wake up, eat and go to bed, which is also important. You need to get out of bed from 6.00-6.30, since at this time of the day the most significant physiological rise, the sun rises and a person is charged with his energy.

Eating should also occur according to the biological clock. And at this time, nothing should bother you: neither your beloved dog, nor a phone call, or a TV. All attention should be on thorough digestion of food..

It is important to go to bed no later than 22.00. In the correct daily routine an important place is occupied by:

thyroid gland

Timely intake of herbal remedies (teas, decoctions);

Water and hygiene procedures;

Physical exercise.

Otherwise, the system of restoration and treatment of the thyroid gland will not be successful. All points of the regime are interconnected.

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For example, taking a therapeutic walk — the circulatory system and lungs are enriched with oxygen, food is absorbed faster and better, all organs are activated, metabolism improves.

Take a shower — skin cleanses, absorbs moisture, becomes elastic.

Do breathing exercises — enrich the body with oxygen, cleanse the lungs.

Do exercises for the necks — provide intensive blood flow to the thyroid gland.

In addition, the daily routine disciplines, accustoms to purposeful actions and fosters self-organization.

Herbalist Tatyana Popovskaya is sure that many diseases can be cured simply by restoring the correct regime of the day, as well as switching to proper nutrition.

Daily regimen for any thyroid disease 6.00-6.30 — lifting, hygiene procedures

7-7.40 — therapeutic walk, simple breathing exercises

7.40-8.00 — warm shower without soap

8.15 — half a cup of oat broth (read the recipe further)

Oat broth for thyroid health

9.00 — breakfast

10-11.00 — herbal tea or decoction (recipes of decoctions depending on the disease are given below) with honey, grated currants or raspberries

12.00 — half a cup of oat broth

12.30-13.00 — dinner

15.00-15.30 — afternoon snack from sour-milk drinks or fruit drinks from cranberries, viburnum

4 p.m. — fruits

5 p.m. — half a glass of sunflower or pumpkin seeds to strengthen the heart system.

17.30 — a quarter cup of oat broth

6 p.m. — dinner

18.30-19.30 — 40-60 minutes walk with simple breathing exercises

19.30-20.00 — light snack: a glass of kefir, milk or compote, possible with a bun or muffin

9 p.m. — a glass of warm water with 1 tsp honey dissolved in water an hour before ingestion

9.30 p.m. — hygiene procedures: warm relaxing shower, brushing your teeth.

Before going to bed, it is better to read your favorite book. Exclude political and exciting television programs, the thyroid gland does not need emotions and worries.

This regimen is best observed during the third and fourth week of treatment. In parallel, continue bowel cleansing, as described above.

Recipes for decoctions for thyroid diseases

Oat broth. Thoroughly rinse 200 g of unpicked grain and pour 2 liters of water, bring to a boil. Cook for 40 minutes over low heat not under the lid, stirring occasionally. Insist until the morning, strain. Drink warm, slowly, according to the scheme indicated earlier.

Herbal tea (with hyperthyroidism, when hormones are produced by the thyroid in excessive quantities). Mix in equal parts the crushed dry herb of the lemon balm, oregano, motherwort, flowers and leaves of hawthorn. 1 tsp mix the mixture with a glass of boiling water, wrap, insist 3-5 minutes. Strain and drink, adding honey, grated currants, raspberries. The amount of motherwort grass to taste, as it is bitter. This tea calms, strengthens the heart, reduces pressure.

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Decoction of the golden root (Rhodiola rosea) with hypothyroidism, when the thyroid gland does not cope with the production of hormones in the quantities necessary for the body. 1 tsp chopped dry root pour a liter of water, boil for 10 minutes under a lid over low heat. Wrap, insist hour, strain. Add honey to taste. Drink according to the scheme indicated above. Golden root preparations have a stimulating effect on physical and mental performance, improve memory and attention, gently increase blood pressure.

Green leaf tea (for hypothyroidism). You can alternate with a decoction of Rhodiola rosea. To achieve the maximum result from its use, you need to properly brew green tea. Prepare dry tea at the rate of one incomplete teaspoon of tea leaves per glass of boiling water. Pour tea into 1/3 cup, then 2/3 cup, and then completely. at the same time, take a minute break each time. Water should be taken just boiled and pour it into a cup from a great height. Wrap a cup (or teapot) for another three minutes. Do not dilute the finished tea with water and do not reuse the tea leaves. Drink immediately after brewing, you can add a little honey (but not sugar) to it.

Oat broth — a wonderful tool for improving metabolism, removing toxins and harmful substances from the body. It strengthens the heart and normalizes the heart rhythm, favorably affects the human nervous system and vital energy, improves immunity. It is necessary to buy oats unpeeled in husk, not pickled.

Golden root, like ginseng root, has a stimulating effect on physical and mental performance, improves memory and attention. Unlike ginseng, blood pressure rises very gently, without jumps. Especially recommended for people with hypothyroidism and prone to hypotension. Reception of the golden root positively affects the whole body, strengthens its immunity. Also, the plant helps prevent overwork and a decrease in mental activity during hard work..

Conclusion: remember that only the consistent, persistent implementation of a planned system for the treatment of thyroid disease and your desire to be healthy will bring the desired result.