The most harmful products – what are the most harmful products

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The most harmful products – what are the most harmful products

3) Carbonated drinks.

This is a completely chemical product, from natural there is only water, flavor additives and preservatives, dyes are added to it. Even Light calorie zero-calorie drinks contain sweeteners, mainly aspartame, which breaks down into formaldehyde, methanol and phenylalanine, which is toxic in combination with other proteins.

This very tasty but unhealthy drink can upset the metabolism, cause allergic reactions, increase stomach acidity or cause gastritis.

4) fast food.

The food at McDonald’s, Burger King and other international fast food restaurants uses chemical food additives and carcinogens. Not only does fast food increase blood sugar, cause obesity, it is also unsafe for the nervous system.

Regular consumption of fast food damages the structure of the brain, the destruction of nerve tissues, the occurrence of inflammatory processes. In addition, there is a quick addiction in children and adults, like drug addiction.

5) Mayonnaise

High-calorie product, with a lot of fats and carbohydrates, dyes, substitutes, which, in addition to taste, only brings harm to the body. If you want to do less harm to your body, read on the packaging  structure: sunflower oil, vinegar, water, sugar, egg, salt, mustard. Additives should not be there.

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The most harmful foods

The most harmful products include ketchup, various sauces, dressings that contain dyes, flavor substitutes and GMO products..

Chocolate bars, chupa-type chewing candies — Chups contain a large amount of sugar, dyes and substitutes, chemical additives. Do not buy these sweets for your children and talk more about the dangers to a growing organism..

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Popcorn — thanks to salt, fat, flavorings and colorings, ordinary corn turns into a dangerous product with a calorie content of 500 kilocalories per 100 grams. The dose of salt in classic popcorn exceeds the famous chips, which is fraught with increased pressure and impaired kidney function.

Alcohol — destroys the brain, liver, provokes oncology, genetic mutations – this is an incomplete list of the results of alcohol consumption. Not only are there health problems, people. drinkers, live 10 -15 years less.

Low-calorie non-fat foods. Low fat cakes, desserts, yogurts, mayonnaises — seem to be useful products, in fact, a reduced fat content is offset by an increased proportion of carbohydrates, starches, sugars, sweeteners, about the dangers of which we spoke.

Harmful foods contribute to obesity, various additives inhibit metabolic processes, lead to carbohydrate failures.

Buying another harmful food product, think about your health, and what the consequences of its use can be..