Secrets to Successful Weight Loss

Secrets to Successful Weight Loss

But at a time when the moon is growing  with nature bowing  body to accumulate, it is better not to fight. Focus on body weight.

To rid the body of toxins, you can massage the abdomen. Place the palms of both hands on your stomach and massage it in a circle around the navel clockwise, and then — against.

Painful, unpleasant may appear.  sensations and even  nausea. In this case, loosen the massage effects. Time will pass toxins will be eliminated, soreness will pass. Massage is best done in bed before bedtime..

For even more active slag removal, you can prepare the following composition: 3 parts  pour honey with one part of water and boil, removing the foam. Then dilute apple or grape vinegar  in half  with water and pour in gradually  in boiled  honey, to balance  sour and  sweet. Drink the prepared drink one or two tablespoons 3-4 times a day immediately after eating.

Healthy Slimming Drinks  recipes will help  keep weight normal.

1) Gin in a bottle. Take 1 liter of Borjomi or any mineral water, 100 grams of Epsom salt (you can easily find it in a pharmacy) juice of two large and three medium lemons. Mix everything thoroughly and drink 50 milliliters  3-4 times a day 5 minutes before meals.

2)  Kvass for fatties.  250 grams dry  rye bread fill  4 liters of boiling water, leave to insist overnight.  Then strain,  add 150 grams of sugar, 5 grams of dissolved yeast and the juice of one large lemon or grapefruit.

Leave  for another 24 hours, then transfer  in bottles with screw caps and keep for 3 days in the dark and  cool.

You can add for sharpness   100 g of raisins. Kvass will help reduce weight  up to five kilograms per month.

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3) Milk tea. To lose 3-5 kilograms in two weeks will help ordinary black long leaf tea brewed in fresh milk. One teaspoon of dry tea leaves   pour 100 ml of milk, let it stand  20 minutes. Drink in hot sips twice a day half an hour before meals.

At the same time, drink throughout the day  3 large glasses  of tea «hepatic hibiscus». These two  miraculous drink make the liver produce enzymes that  split and  proteins and fats. Milk tea opens the bile ducts –  extra pounds burn. At the same time, exclude fatty foods for two weeks.

Conclusion: if you want to succeed in losing weight, take a few tips and follow them. Having achieved the desired results, choose a new goal. You need to work on yourself and the result will exceed all expectations.