Proper Nordic walking will ensure excellent health.

excellent health

Proper Nordic walking will ensure excellent health.

Due to them, part of the load is redistributed from the legs to other muscles, rigidly fixed in the shoulder girdle. This contributes to the load on the muscles of the hands, shoulder girdle, back.

They clearly control the movement, provide stability. This kind of sport is useful to everyone, even people who have had a heart attack, stroke. But the load, the pace must be increased gradually.

Sticks help you move faster while not straining.

How to choose equipment?

The handle must not slip so as not to injure the brush.

The correct strap optimally directs pressure and does not delay blood circulation. He must hold his hand tight so that there is no need to squeeze the handle.

A solid carbide spike will extend the life of the device, and a rubber cap will soften impacts. For asphalt put on rubber tips.

Ski poles are not quite suitable. But in extreme cases, you can buy them, but shorter by 15 cm.

Choose light, strong sticks. You can find out the length by deciding the formula: multiply growth by 0.68. They should be located at the level of the solar plexus..

half hour

The benefits of proper Nordic walking The right Nordic walking will bring a lot of benefits to your body..

Activates the upper and lower muscles.

Good for older people with joint problems..

Reduces pressure on the joints, knees.

Rejuvenates the body.

Improves heart and lung function.

Lowers cholesterol.

Promotes massage of internal organs.

Actively reduces weight.

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Hardens bones.

ensure excellent

Pressure is back to normal.

Recommended for lung problems.

Useful for neck, spine, shoulders and for treating problems..

Involved almost all the muscles of the body.

Many more calories are burned than with a simple step..

For whom daily exercise of the heart and blood vessels is important, endurance is such an ideal sport.

Returns to the usual life of people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

This sport has no contraindications. Of course, it is worth postponing a walk if you have the flu, acute respiratory viral infections, and chronic diseases have worsened.

You need to do it three times a week for half an hour. Fifteen minutes to beginners will be enough for a start.

Conclusion: Proper Nordic walking brings excellent results to people at any age. Do not be lazy, allocate half an hour for this simple sport and improve your body.