Products for women – what are the important products for women

contain vitamin which

Products for women – what are the important products for women

Eggs — a protein source that contains lecithin, which removes toxins and is involved in the production of hormones

Fatty fish, preferably sea fish, everyone knows omega-3 and is a prevention of female diseases

Feijoa walnut kale contains a large amount of iodine which is important for women’s health, improves metabolic processes and  cancer prevention.

Lettuce and sprouted wheat grains, olive and linseed oil contain vitamin E, which  regulates the hormonal cycle and prevents the development of mastopathy.

Rosehip onion garlic citruses contain vitamin C, which strengthens our women’s health fights  with different inflammatory processes and also serves  cancer prevention.

Any greens contain magnesium and folic acid

contain vitamin

Stevia heals the microflora of the genital organs, cleanses the body, improves metabolism.

Kefir, yogurt and natural  contain B vitamins, calcium and protein.

Butter, liver, carrots in a combination of fat-containing products, they contain vitamin A and  carotene important for ovarian function.

Seafood, whole grain bread, bran, cereals contain vitamin B that improves ovarian function.

Honey and bee products are also valuable for the work of female genital organs; they contain  vitamins B and C, which are involved in the synthesis of the hormone prolactin.

Foods for Women to Limit Now which foods to exclude or limit. We all know that harmful foods include: animal fats, large amounts of meat, fried, fast food and others.

women health

But for women’s health, there are specific products that need to be limited..

Salt as it causes swelling and increases pressure  and upsets the water-salt balance.

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Coffee tea chocolate all this affects the mammary glands, increase prolactin, which causes nervous system overexcitation.

Sugar and Starch — fast carbohydrates. Increase insulin and develop genital inflammation

Strong alcoholic drinks disrupt the normal functioning of the genitals.

Replace coffee with tea, choose non-salty dishes, try to undersalve food, avoid confectionery, instead of sugar, eat honey better. You need to abandon these products or use them in small  quantities .

If you follow the rules and eat the right foods, then you will have normal weight and metabolism and everything will positively affect  the production of female hormones.