Kremlin diet-how to lose weight with the Kremlin diet

Kremlin diet

Kremlin diet-how to lose weight with the Kremlin diet

In the first week of the Kremlin diet, the menu should contain no more than 20 cu of carbohydrates, and in the second week, you can increase it to 40 cu I will give an example menu of the Kremlin diet.

Breakfast consists of two sausages, two eggs and a tomato. Despite a rather substantial breakfast, the total carbohydrates in it are from 5 to 7 cu.

Lunch is gorgeous. First, prepare mushroom soup, it is better to use mushrooms and add cream cheese to it. For the second, a fried piece of pork and one cucumber is allowed, but small. In lunch, carbohydrates, only 4-6 cu.

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For dinner, let me have a piece of fried salmon, a vegetable salad. If you do not have a problem with alcohol, then it is permissible to drink a glass of dry wine in the second week of the Kremlin diet. I do not recommend getting involved in this, as you can lose weight, but, on a Kremlin diet with wine, get the disease alcoholism.

After 14 days of the Kremlin diet, gradually add fruits, berries, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and flour products to your diet.

What can be the results of the Kremlin diet? Positive results – those who have not left the “weight loss distance” are achieving good results. In the first week they lose from 1, 5 kg to 5-6 kg of excess weight. After a month, the weight decreases by 7-16 kg.

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Negative results – many have constipation, since almost no foods containing fiber are needed for intestinal motility. I recommend intestinal motility. I recommend drinking water during any diet, from 1, 5 to 3 liters, depending on weight. Otherwise, there may be problems in the kidneys and liver..

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So that there are no health problems after the Kremlin diet, find out the review of doctors and read all reviews about this diet.

Remember, a person needs fats, proteins and carbohydrates, so long-term diets of any kind are harmful to the body !!! With any diet, including the Kremlin, 80% of people lose weight, but only 5% maintain their weight. So that you get in 5%, the only right way is to lead a healthy lifestyle!!!

I recommend watching the video cardiac surgeon Leo Bokeria about the Kremlin diet. Reviews.