Is hypotension necessary to raise pressure with hypotension

increase pressure

Hypotension — whether it is necessary to raise pressure with hypotension

Today, doctors agreed: hypotension is a disease and we must fight it. After all, at low pressure you can’t concentrate on performing any task, keep a lot of information in your head, work on the heels becomes painful, headaches.

How to increase pressure with hypotension? How to increase pressure?

At a young age, doing nothing is worth it. With age, hypotension can be replaced by hypertension due to a decrease in female hormones. In this case, the vessels are difficult, so you do not need to live with the usual pressure, but try to increase it.

Include folic acid and vitamin B12 foods (calf and beef liver, leafy vegetables and herbs) on the menu..

Get enough sleep.

You can drink tincture of ginseng, eleutherococcus, hawthorn, valerian. Decoctions of elecampane, golden root.

Don’t starve, don’t eat a lot of sweets.

necessary raise pressure

Do a general massage.

Do not take a hot shower.

You need to be careful with caffeine, a few cups of coffee will increase the pressure, but an excess can provoke drowsiness..

Drink plenty of water 2 L.

Twenty-minute morning gymnastics or jogging.

Contrast shower and full body brush massage.

Drink green tea.

necessary raise pressure

At low pressure, you need to increase salt intake.

Physical education, swimming, running, skiing, aerobics.

Hardening, dousing, rubbing.

If you can’t raise the pressure, it’s best to consult a doctor to take drugs that increase blood pressure. Lack of water causes dizziness, weakness, fatigue, decreased vascular tone.

Blood consists of water, when dehydrated, its volume decreases and pressure drops with the vascular bed. As a result, the amount of oxygen transferred decreases. Cramps in the muscles of the extremities, pain in the temples, and even fainting may occur..

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Especially hypotension occurs in a stuffy room and in the heat.

Conclusion: arterial hypotension can be dangerous, cause fainting, especially in stuffy rooms, in the elderly, darkening in the eyes is possible, which leads to injuries, so try to use ways to increase pressure.