How to lose weight with buckwheat – buckwheat diet

buckwheat buckwheat

How to lose weight with buckwheat – buckwheat diet

Nastya. And in the early days of the buckwheat diet, I had weakness, nausea, and even aggression. So I wanted to throw everything to hell! But, I restrained myself. Saw vitamins. And when it was completely disgusting to chew buckwheat – added an egg, a cucumber, an apple or something else for her taste. Now the third day is ending – dangle like a horse, really constantly thirsty.

Galina. Hey everyone!!! Cool diet. I sat on it for two weeks, dropped 8 kilograms. The first days it was very disgusting to chew buckwheat, it hardly climbed into me. I began to eat fruit, and then a spoonful of buckwheat. I’m a terrible sweet tooth.

Admin. Thank you, Nastya and Galina. The fact is that the buckwheat diet offers us to completely abandon sugar. And sugar – this is nutrition for the brain. For many, during the buckwheat diet, there is a desire to eat sweets, the head seems to think worse. In such cases, you can dilute a spoonful of honey in water and drink this drink. Thus, you feed your brain.

Anatoly Vladimirovich. I learned about how to lose weight with the help of buckwheat quite by accident. And since she began to rise in price – decided it was something worthwhile. Of course, I decided and did. Awesome! I did not expect such an effect – pressure, like a young man, I feel great (I am 67 years old, weight 115 kg.) It is a pity that no one had previously suggested such a medicine to me – buckwheat gruel.

buckwheat diet

Olga. Lose weight on buckwheat — really. I tried this diet about 5 years ago. True, it withstood only 5 days. 1 and 2 days – buckwheat with water. 3 day – buckwheat and kefir. 4 day – buckwheat and tomato juice. 5 day – buckwheat with sugar and some milk. Total – minus 4kg. And this is enough for me. I didn’t repeat it because the result lasted a long time, although I didn’t limit myself in food.

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Oksana. I want to brag about my results. I sat for 7 days, lost 5 kg. However, after a while the weight gained again.

Admin. Thank you, Oksana. Make a conclusion — observe the diet, try not to eat before bedtime and be sure to weekly fasting days. I myself was on this diet and for a week I threw off as much as 5 kilograms! The other day I want to sit again on this diet. The most important thing in this diet, as well as suddenly – do not eat after six in the evening. Before going to bed, you can drink kefir or eat an apple.

Natalie. Girls, hello everyone! Today is the 6th day of my diet. Great! First 2 days – minus 1 kilo per day. Now, however, I drop 400 grams, but this is wonderful. Feeling well – beautiful. I have this diet for the second time. After the first attempt, the results lasted for almost a year. And then I relaxed… But, did not add much. Girls, do not abuse this diet. Very harmful. Not more than 1 time per year.

buckwheat buckwheat

Marina. And you can eat buckwheat without diets. For example, I ate buckwheat a week before Christmas – dropped 3 kg. Buckwheat was with pickles: cucumbers, cabbage, apples. For dessert — boiled vegetables, oranges, bananas, apples. There was no hunger.

Kseniya. Hello. We are losing weight on buckwheat. I lost weight for 3 days (did not drink kefir), the waist lost 4 cm, dropped 1.5 kg…. Everything is cool, BUT for 3 days constipation (sorry, of course, I write as it is) and the stomach began to ache, now I eat porridges and broths. I’m afraid that this diet is harmful to health.

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Lolita Buckwheat for weight loss – this is class! Losing weight — everything, but depending on the physique, something more, something less. I personally — I lost weight, and cellulite, by the way, disappeared on my feet. Yes, and the volumes decreased.

Buckwheat diet — reviews of doctors1) When using one-day kefir in a buckwheat diet, a laxative effect and even flatulence can be observed. As for the kefir three-day release – then it, on the contrary, has a fixing effect.

2) Often we recommend adding soy sauce to the buckwheat flavor. Although with this sauce you will eat more buckwheat and, accordingly, the results of your weight loss will be worse.