How harmful additives poison our lives

harmful additives poison

How harmful additives poison our lives?

added to sweet soda, candy, ice cream, and E 240 in canned food (mushrooms, compotes, juices, etc.).

More recently, additives E 216 and E 217 were considered harmless, they were added to chocolate with filling, sweets, jellies. Today they are prohibited.

But not only carcinogenic effects are dangerous additives. Of course, cancer will not appear from a single jar of product. But, if there was oncology in the family, it is better to read the labels, and study the composition and not buy products with a long shelf life.

Supplements harm the stomach and intestines, you can earn an ulcer, gastritis. The E 300 antioxidants are to blame for prolonging the shelf life.

Harmful chemical additives Do not buy products with a long shelf life not only because of preservatives, but from processed fat, which turns into margarine, where there are no polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are found only in vegetable oils that have not been processed..

By eating these foods, we cheat on our bodies..

harmful additives poison

As a result of a lack of fatty acids, a person acquires the following diseases:

impotence in men (as testosterone levels decrease);



heart attack, stroke.

Now there is a lot of diverse literature on healthy nutrition and many people do not purchase products with harmful additives E. Therefore, cunning manufacturers write on the package: the flavor is identical to natural. And these are the same esh.

additives poison

Laboratory synthesized flavors often provoke allergies. Therefore, no matter how delicious tea with wild berries may be, remember that there are no such natural additives except one — dried apples. Flavoring, apricot flavor, instant porridge also give flavorings and colorings.

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Everyone knows sodium glutamate, which affects the taste of the product, causes migraines, fever, tachycardia, weakness, destroys brain cells.

Very harmful cakes and cupcakes in sealed packaging that lie in the confectionery department, not the refrigerator.

A natural cream in such conditions deteriorates in two hours, and is stored here for weeks. Can you imagine how much chemistry they have?

Conclusion: harmful additives are present in many foods, try to study the composition of the product more closely, thereby protecting yourself from various diseases.