Health promotion – health promotion methods

promotion health

Health promotion – health promotion methods

10 easy health promotion methods.

1. Reduce fat intake, so you reduce the risk of blood clots and save your heart from overload.

2. Healthy sleep. In a dream, our body is restored. Do not drink coffee at night. Caffeine, which is part of it, interferes with healthy sleep.

3. Eat fiber-rich foods. Fiber helps the body remove waste.

4. Drink clean water. Water is the basis of life, helping to increase the absorption of nutrients, moisturizes our skin and promotes the removal of toxins from the body.

5. Daily walks in the fresh air. Without them, the muscles of our body weaken and lose strength and endurance..

promotion health

6. Eat garlic. It helps to stabilize blood pressure and keeps a person’s heart healthy. Also garlic – a means to increase immunity.

7. Laugh more often. When you laugh, the blood begins to move 20% faster through our capillaries and produces a hormone of joy.

8. Brainstorming. Complete challenging tasks more often and train your brain to help maintain its potential.

9. Eat oily fish. Fatty fish – omega-3 fatty acids in its composition reduce cholesterol and cardiovascular problems.

10. Give preference to whole grain-rich breads that help cleanse blood vessels.

Health preservation and promotion systems are complexes of measures designed to heal and rejuvenate the human body:

hardening and steam;

health promotion

qigong and yoga;


water treatments;

alternative medicine;

impact on biologically active points;

sea ​​water;

Mountain air.

Everyone who wants to become healthy has a huge choice. The main thing is that everything that is done to promote health should be accompanied by a good mood, and you will not complain about your health throughout your life.

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