Fungal infections – how to prevent fungal infection

Fungal infections prevent

Fungal infections – how to prevent fungal infection

Antimycotic drugs are usually used to treat fungal infections on the skin. The doctor prescribes a remedy according to the analysis obtained to kill all types of mushrooms..

If the infection affects the nails, the nail plate may be removed..

Depending on the type of infection and the degree of infection, additional local treatment may be prescribed..

How to prevent mycosis?

Don’t go barefoot.

Do not wear other people’s shoes.

Wipe your feet well, especially between your toes..

If you are prone to fungal infections do not eat sweet, fatty spicy foods, give up alcohol.

Eat more vegetables, fruits and, of course, millet porridge, it has silicon, which does not allow mushrooms to multiply.

Rules during treatment for fungal infection Observe the following rules during treatment.

Wear socks, tights every day clean. It is better not only to wash them, but to boil them in a solution of soap and soda for fifteen minutes. Then dry thoroughly.

Fungal infections prevent

Be sure to disinfect the shoes during treatment. In pharmacies, you can buy sprays and devices to kill the infection..

But you can apply a cheaper way —40% solution of vinegar essence or 1% chlorhexine solution.

Wear rubber gloves before handling shoes. Take a cotton swab and wet it abundantly, wipe the shoes inside, pull out the insoles and work on each side. Then put the swab in the toe, put the shoes in a plastic bag, close tightly and put it in the heat.

After a day, remove the shoes and clean them for a few days until the smell disappears..

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What increases the development of fungal infections?


Thyroid disease.

Heavy sweating.

Long-term use of antibiotics.


Toe tight shoes.

Improper hygiene.

infections prevent

Skin damage.

Folk recipes for the treatment of fungal infection Recipe for fungal feet:

a tablespoon of 25% vinegar essence;

a tablespoon of carrot juice.

The legs must be steamed, rub with a pumice stone. Wipe your feet well and treat with the prepared mixture. Repeat every day until recovery..

You can prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate and wipe their feet.

Lubricate the foot with onion juice.

Rub tea tree oil into affected areas.

Lubricate skin with tincture of eucalyptus (sold at the pharmacy).

At the first sign of a fungus, you can hold your legs for several minutes in three percent hydrogen peroxide..

Conclusion: for any signs of fungal infection, consult your doctor for proper diagnosis, because some skin diseases are very similar to a fungus.