Flat feet to what leads flat feet

liters water

Flat feet – what does flat feet

5 tablespoons of magnesium sulfate powder;

2 liters of water.

Duration – 15 minutes. Then wipe his feet and put rags dipped in valerian on the heels.

Secure with a bandage and put on socks for the night. Perform 10 treatments.

3) Prepare the composition:

two valerian vials;

10 tablets of analgin;

foot bath

chopped dry hot pepper pod.

Let it be insisted for 5 days. Before going to bed, after the foot bath, apply napkins soaked in solution to the affected areas and fix them. Do 10 treatments.

Recipes of traditional healers for treating the effects of flat feet of the foot 1) From fresh propolis, make a cake and put on the heel, attach with adhesive plaster. To be treated for two weeks. Propolis can be applied 4 times without changing.

2) 15 dry spruce cones collected in summer, under a tree, pour three liters of water, boil for 40 minutes, let it infuse for half an hour.

Get the cones and steam in the decoction of the legs before going to bed. Then wear cotton socks for the night. Perform 10 treatments.

3) Place the raw egg in a small glass jar and pour vinegar to completely cover the egg. Close the jar and keep in the refrigerator until the shell dissolves. Then carefully transfer the egg into a cup, remove the film, grind and mix with vinegar, which was filled with the egg.

Add a slice of butter (40 g) and grind. Keep the ointment in a jar in the refrigerator. Every day, after the foot bath, lubricate the heel or corns, wait until the ointment is absorbed. Then put on cotton socks.

feet foot

4) Take a lemon, cut a circle 9 mm thick and put it on a steamed heel, fasten and put on socks. Do 10 treatments.

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5) Mix iodine and ammonia in equal proportions. Dampen a cloth in the solution and attach to the heel, fix with a plaster for 40 minutes. Course-10 procedures.

6) 10 days to do compresses on the heels of 5% ammonia and turpentine.

7) Put dog hair on the heels, put on socks and do not take off all day. Heal days.

Heat cucumber brine with salt (a liter of brine and a tablespoon of salt). Soar your legs before bedtime without washing off, put on cotton socks and go to bed. 7 days course.

Kick an aspen block (30 cm in length and 7 cm in diameter). The heel spur will pass.

10) Cut a piece of the size of the heel from the old felt boots and put into shoes, wear constantly for two weeks.

Conclusion: flat feet of the foot can lead to undesirable consequences, so you need to perform exercises every day, do physiotherapy, foot baths, go to the pool.