Diet on eggs and cottage cheese ‘Beginning of the Way’ – the organization of spring weight loss

cheese Beginning organization

Diet on eggs and cottage cheese “Beginning of the Way” – the organization of spring weight loss

Rule 1 Breakfast is lunch and should already be volume at the same time. Please observe this without fail. The body gets used to getting nutrients at the same time, and will use them for energy and cell renewal..

It happens that in the morning I don’t feel like eating, but try not to skip breakfast. A cup of green tea or coffee, buckwheat oatmeal on the water plus a spoonful of vegetable oil is the best breakfast for a slim and attractive woman. These cereals are very rich in vitamin B6, when this vitamin is not enough, you can eat like a bird and weigh like a hippopotamus.

Stop making snacks at work with buns and tea rolls. Better eat a banana, it contains potassium which improves metabolism helps break down fat and turn it into energy.

cheese Beginning

Rule 2. Move more, physical education and sport produce the hormone of happiness, uplifting and belief in success that you will definitely lose weight.

If you haven’t been involved in sports, you should not immediately begin to engage intensely. Just start walking as much as you can, as much as you go. Increasing distance gradually.

It is very hard to force yourself to do exercises in the morning. Laziness? I suggest exercises that you can do, even without getting out of bed, they strengthen the muscles of the back, abdomen, and also make the intestines work.

cheese Beginning

Lie on your back, arms extended along the body.

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1) Pull out the exhale belly, tighten the buttocks, lift up the pelvis, do not bend your knees, inhale, take the starting position. Best repeated 10 times.

2) Inhale, lift the legs high, the lower back should be very firmly pressed on the bed, knees straight. Exhale the legs slowly lower down the beds do not touch, inhale again slowly raise the legs. Repeat 8 times.

Follow the rules of losing weight, try to eat wholesome food, exercise, walk fast and the result will not take long.