Ascorbic acid – what you need to know about ascorbic acid

ascorbic acid deficiency

Ascorbic acid – what you need to know about ascorbic acid

Blackcurrant, sea buckthorn – 200 mcg / 100g.

Sweet green pepper, parsley – 150 mcg / 100g.

Brussels sprouts – 120 mcg / 100g.

Dill – 100 mcg / 100g.

Kiwi – 90 mcg / 100g.

Cauliflower – 70 mcg / 100g.

Oranges, strawberries, strawberries – 60 mcg / 100g.

White cabbage, grapefruit – 50 mcg / 100g.

Lemon – 40 mcg / 100g.

Tangerines – 38 mcg / 100g.

How much ascorbic acid do we need per day? How to prevent vitamin deficiency.

ascorbic acid

Per day, we need from 60 to 100 mg of ascorbic acid. In the presence of certain diseases of the vitamin, more is required, everything should be determined by the doctor.

How to provide yourself with the right amount of ascorbic acid?

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits whole, uncut.

When boiling vegetables and fruits, immerse in boiling water and cover with a lid.

Make fruit drinks from berries and fruits, they have more vitamin C than in compote or jam.

Eat sauerkraut rather than stewed or boiled cabbage.

Distribute the daily dose of vitamin in several doses.

Remember the following interesting facts..

Only 50% of vitamin C remains in the greens lying in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

In apples after storage for three months, 16% of ascorbine disappears, after 6 months – 25%, after a year – 50%.

When peeling potatoes, 22% of ascorbic acid is lost.

Need Know

Salt added to the dish also reduces vitamin C.

When cooking, potatoes lose vitamin C by half, three hours after cooking another 30%, and six hours after cooking the vitamin does not remain at all.

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Signs of ascorbic acid deficiency (vitamin C) Signs of ascorbic acid deficiency:

the appearance of bruises without injury;

bleeding gums;

slowly healing wounds, skin lesions;

spot hemorrhages at the base of hairs on the legs;


apathy, weakness, decline in performance;

frequent infectious diseases;

hair loss, skin peeling.

Conclusion: the benefits of ascorbic acid are obvious, do not have a deficiency, eat foods with vitamin C or take it as directed by your doctor.